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Zulu Wing

The Zulu wing offers a stable draft in strong winds and a well balanced profile when transitioning. The trim can be done by setting a deeper draft for light winds and a flatter profile for high wind speeds.
The leading edge is specifically designed for each size, offering a stable wing which offers maximum support when loading for a jump. We have managed to achieve a stable and stiff profile without the burden of battens by installing the in-fill profile support system.

  • IPS


    Our IPS system offers profile as well as bar support.
    By providing fundamental canopy support in the profile, we eliminate the use of battens making the wing more efficient. The IPS system also acts as a fin, reducing wing wash dramatically and allowing smooth downwind riding with a bar wing. The tail-end of the wing allows integrating a thin bumper sleeve which reduces the risk of the bar damaging your board, offering further profile support.

    The Simple Webing strap offers a simple quick and easy way of connecting to the wing.


    We spent a large amount of time on the geometry of the leading edge and the canopy. The combination of tension and variable angles across the leading edge allowed us to construct a stable profile in all wind conditions.

    The extreme V-shape in the first two segments gives the appearance of a very deep profile which then gets smoothed out to the sides, making the wing agile and stable. This stability comes to the forefront when flagging the wing and is a crucial control factor. Each leading edge is designed and adjusted specifically for the relevant size


    The Windows are included and designed to complement the profile of the wing. We also reinforced the seam lines to increase durability. Each seam is supported with canopy material or secures the stitching.

    Leading Edge flag out Handel. This handle is similarly constructed as the handle on the osprey.  The UHMWPE offer extreme durability the positions in carefully placed to allow easy transition when flagging the wing. Leading-edge, seams for 2021 we developed and a unique split sturt seasoning and construction technique. This technique does not only stabilises the leading edge and offer